TREATMENT and RECOVERY: Practice! Talking about Practice!

Show Topic: The concepts of the Therapeutic Community model of treatment, when broken down to itheir core, have a commonality. Practice. The methods or actions of the concept must be practiced daily by the recovering addict in order that those philosophies take hold. We’ll discuss why Practice is essential to the method of what sometimes look likes madness.

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TREATMENT and RECOVERY: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

Show Topic: Relationships. The number one cause of relapse for those in Recovery (NSE). Why is that? We’ll discuss. There is old school industry dogma on when those in Recovery should pursue romantic relationships. We’ll discuss that. Why do romantic relationships birthed within the recovery environment fail? We’ll discuss that.

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TREATMENT and RECOVERY: Sabotage and the Saboteurs….

Show Topic: The experience of recovery at its various stages, for many, can be one of fear, and anxiety. This often leads to the recovering addict to concsiously and subconsiously sabotage their recovery process leading to pre-relapse behavior and eventually a full blown relapse. We’ll discuss what (and sometimes who) leads to the sabotage of the recovery process and how it can be avoided or faced if the addict is in the midst of the sabotaging experience.

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TREATMENT and RECOVERY: It is What it Is…….or is it?

Topic: We are officially two months into the new world of substance abuse treatment in California. How’s it going? What’s new? What’s working? What isn’t? Is the vision as articulated being realized and actualized or is the vision and the reality worlds apart? How are staff adapting? Lots of questions, hopefully some answers

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