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About Us

Our nurturing environment helps each individual take responsibility for his or her own life and build skills for long term substance abuse recovery, rehabilitation and emotional and physical success. Many come back later and tell us about their happiness and success as parents, workers, students and contributing members of their communities due to the rehabilitation therapy they have received in our treatment center.

Our Common Ground has provided residential and outpatient treatment services to over 3,000 individuals with substance abuse and mental health problems in San Mateo County and the greater San Francisco bay area since 1988. Substance abuse and mental health treatment services are delivered in a safe and structured family environment, utilizing the concepts of the Therapeutic Community.

Treatment is evidence based and individualized to account for each client's specific set of strengths and needs. In an environment of self-help and positive peer interaction, personal values of honesty, trust and responsibility are emphasized as prerequisites for long-term recovery. Clients are assisted with conflict resolution, anger management and other emotional concerns.

Educational and vocational preparation for drug free and self-supportive living is addressed. Family counseling and involvement is encouraged and plays a significant role. The OCG Family Association provides a weekly venue for families and significant others to support their loved ones.

Contemporary, empirically validated treatment models for addressing trauma issues and validated assessments and evaluation tools are utilized to assure quality care. Treatment modalities are offered in a range of intensities, including: short-term residential; long-term residential; ambulatory day treatment; intensive outpatient; outpatient treatment; and re-entry supportive housing.

Our Common Ground(OCG)
  • OCG complies with all relevant government standards and regulations including but not limited to standards set by Community Care Licensing, HIPAA and other Federal, State and Local ordinances.
  • OCG carefully enters into any contractual relationship and/or business associate agreement so as to ensure that the agency's mission to the individuals and community it serves isn't harmed.
  • OCG will not compromise the quality of care and treatment decisions. The organization does not have any relationships between the use of services and financial incentives.
  • OCG California assures that the privacy of clients will be maintained as per HIPAA regulations and as outlined in the notice of privacy practices.
  • OCG recognizes its responsibility to protect and educate the community. All marketing activities shall always respect the dignity and privacy rights of its consumers.
  • OCG will not mislead, misrepresent or knowingly misinform anyone about the scope of practices.
Our Common Ground will respond to staff who violate the Organizational Code of Ethics through our disciplinary process up to and including termination.
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